What are people saying about Brain On Tutoring?

“Amanda is wonderful with young girls, tweens and teen girls in particular. She makes math fun and encourages girls to feel more confident about math. My 4th grade daughter looks forward to her tutoring with Amanda each week! During their first session, Amanda really took a lot of time to get to know my daughter’s interests and her personality — this has made all the difference in terms of the two of them connecting and staying focused on math fact review, new math topics, math homework and test prep. My daughter has improved her math skills a lot this year and we’ll continue to work with Amanda for a long time. Amanda is a terrific tutor.” – T. A. D.

“Amanda has tutored two of my children for years. They have very different needs that range from typical learning struggles to inattention to disorganization. They also have vastly different personalities. Amanda is loved by both of them. She adjusts her approach to motivate each child, is highly reliable and works on underlying issues. Her communication is excellent. Since hiring Amanda homework tension is gone and the kids love that they can call her directly if they need. I recommend Amanda without reservation.” – Cindy M.

“Amanda truly is gifted and an amazing tutor. She has gone above and beyond to help/tutor my son. I like how she connects and teaches on his level. She’s caring, thoughtful and makes learning fun.” – Christie H.

“What a lucky find. I have two girls in HS, a senior and a sophomore. Perhaps, like many kids, mine are finicky. They say they want/need help but then always find something they don’t like about a tutor. Well, hallelujah we found Amanda. Not only is she smart as a whip, and has actual good tutoring skills but BOTH my girls love working with her. And from a parent’s point of view I don’t think it gets any better. I’ve seen her work and she just jumps right in – doesn’t spend 15 min on small-talk, and what is beyond expectations is that she sends excellent summary notes. All in all a great find.

Give her a shot. I think you’ll be super-pleased you did.” – Rod B.

“Amanda was the best tutor my daughter has ever had. Not only does she know how to bond with kids but she makes it incredibly fun and is exceptionally nice!  Her ability to connect with kids on their level is unsurpassed by other tutors which in turn really makes kids want to excel and be proud of their own progress.  My daughter always left a tutoring session more knowledgeable, excited about learning and desiring to work harder at school.” – A. M.

“Throughout my life, I have had various tutors. However, when I started tutoring with Amanda in 7th grade, she helped me go from being an average student to one who could easily maintain a 4.0 GPA. Amanda was not only able to teach me anything, but she could explain concepts so that I actually understood them. Most people I know don’t enjoy being tutored, but with Amanda I did. Amanda took the time to get to know what type of person I was and implemented it (another word? maybe “my personality”) into her tutoring techniques. She had a genuine interest in my life and would take time to talk to me. Not only did Amanda change my academic life, but she became a friend I will never forget.” – J. S., high school student


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