Welcome to Brain on Tutoring

Brain On Tutoring is a one-woman operation located in Walnut Creek, CA that offers solution focused, K-12 tutoring in most subjects. Chemistry and Biology; English and Social Studies; and math through high school Algebra II and Geometry are available. More specialized tutoring in areas such as organization, grammar practice, and college preparation is also offered. Students of all ages and learning types are welcome.

Why Brain On?

A big part of school is learning how to learn, and tutoring can provide students with insight and guidance into their ideal learning styles. It can help with identifying, specifically, where their strengths are and where they will need to work harder. Tutoring helps turn┬ápeople’s brains “on!”


Amanda Halperin is a Walnut Creek local who attended Valle Verde Elementary School, Foothill Middle School, and Northgate High School. She went on to obtain her BA at UC Davis and her Master’s from CSU East Bay. She has completed all the medical school prerequisites through Organic Chemistry. She has also tutored kindergarteners to graduate students and taught junior college classes.

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